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I have established Chrisman.org as a centralized site for on-line genealogy of Chrisman families (of all variant spellings). By focusing on a single surname, the site will hopefully make it more convenient for everyone researching their Chrisman ancestors, and enable a greater degree of sharing of results, promote a higher standard of proof, and help relatives researching the same line link up.

Some Variant Spellings
Chrisman, Christman, Christmann, Christmon, Crisman, Crissman, Cristman, Criestman, Cressman, Croesman, Creasman, Croesmann, Crößsmann, Crössman, Crässman, Chressman, Chrestman, Chrismon, Crismond, Greisman, Kressman, Kristman (plus occasional female suffixes such as "Kristmanin")

Most lines dealt with on this site originate from central European locations, mostly within Germany.

This site is young (first enabled in November 1999), and like any good source of fresh information, is and will be continually under development. Check back periodically to find new additions. The possibilities far outweight what is here so far.

I am not aiming to replace existing resources with this site, but rather to centralize, organize, and provide information. In particular, a number of family associations exist and serve as a great resource. Instead of replacing these, I wish make them more accessible to those who might not know they exist. A couple very good Chrisman bulletin boards already exist for posting queries about the surname. I am therefore not planning on offering yet another bulletin board, but rather to provide links to the bboards.

Future plans

I eventually want to make it possible for people to add links to their own on-line Chrisman genealogies, to list themselves as descendants or active researchers of key ancestors (e.g., immigrants or unsolved lines), etc. Until I have this automated, please feel free to email directly, and as I have time, I will try to incorporate these items by hand.

I would also like to encourage the posting of original record transcriptions of Chrisman records here. I will gladly welcome submissions.

When doing genealogial research, I find many published errors, false claims, and unsupported assertions. Unfortunately, once out there, these tend to propagate rapidly, with the same mistakes often appearing in multiple publications. This makes it very difficult for the casual researcher to spot mistakes and to differentate between what is and is not proven. I hope to highlight and explain known problems. If you know of any published assertion about any Chrisman that is either disproven or unproven, please send me an email with a description of the problem, a citation where the error appears, etc.

If you have Chrisman ancestors, I would love to hear from you, and I would love to obtain whatever data you have. I communicate with many Chrisman researches, with new contacts almost daily. I have often been able to solve lines for people, and just as often to link researchers up with others researching the same name.

I hope you enjoy your visit and find something useful. Good luck with your searches!

Lonnie Chrisman
San Jose, California

©1999-2007, Lonnie Chrisman
San Jose, CA
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