6-Johan George Croessman, "Carpenter"

2 Oct 1705 in Pfungstadt, Hesse-Darmstadt [1].
Ancestry: (all in Pfungstadt)
  • Johan Georg Croesman (30 Jun 1687 - 4 May 1713) and Elizabeth Margaretha Croesman (31 Oct 1683 - 2 Feb 1770)
  • Johan Jakob Croesman (c.1657 - Mar 1705) and Anna Barbara Fey (c.1661 - 3 Mar 1724).
  • Clos (Nicolaus) Croesman, "The Younger" (20 Jul 1623 - bur. 8 Dec 1710) and Anna Schmidt (b. 1625)
  • Philip Croesman (10 Feb 1594 - 2 May 1662) and Anna Bößmann.
  • Christen Croesman, d. aft 1580 and -- Mahr.
  • Johan Nickel Croesman (c.1661 - 13 Jul 1713) and Elizabeth Margretha Fey (22 May 1655 - 12 Feb 1726)
  • Clos Croesman, "The Middle" (21 Aug 1625 - 2 Jan 1694) and Anna Croesman
  • Christen Croesman (d. bef 1621) and Margaretha Schauer
  • Christen Croesman, d. aft 1580 and -- Mahr.
  • Philip Croesman and Katherine (---)
  • Immigrated:
    Arrived in Philadelphia, 21 June 1729, aboard the Mortonhouse from Rotterdam, and took an oath of allegiance there on 19 Aug 1729. Note that 2-George Croesman was also on this ship. [2,3]
    1785 in Franconia Twp., Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania.
    Eva Barbara Schrack was born 1 May 1716, the daughter of Johann/Hans Jacob Schrack (16 Oct 1679 Siglingen, Württemberg - 22 Feb 1742 Trappe, Mont. Co., PA) and Eva Rosina/Euphrosina Lang (19 Apr 1688 Ulm - 19 Oct 1756 Trappe, Mont. Co., PA). 6-George Croesman and Eva Barbara Scrack were married at Trappe on 10 Jan 1735 [4] or 9 Oct 1735 [1,6]. Eva Barbara immigrated to Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania from Germany in 1717 with her parents. The Schracks ran an Inn in Montgomery Co. that was often referred to as "the trap", hence the village acquired the name "Trappe". The location is now known as Collegeville. The Schracks had very close connections with the family of Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg, father of the Lutheran Church in America, whose principal congregation, the Augustus Lutheran congregation, was nearby. In fact, Eva Barbara's father was responsible for bringing Muhlenberg to America in 1742. [1]
    George "The Carpenter" arrived to Philadelphia in 1729 and, it is believed, lived a short time at Providence before taking up permanent residence in Indianfield, "Dutch Area", in what is now called Franconia Twp. in Montgomery Co., Pennsylvania. He purchased a 1,000 acres tract there, in which deed he is called "Georg Crossman, the Carpenter from Providence". Although he secured the property by 10 Feb 1734, the deed was not issued until 5 May 1755, and not filed in the Montgomery County deed book until 13 May 1871 [Deed book 190, p. 423], almost one hundred fourty years later! And I though I procrastinated :-)!

    In Dec 1744, he was one of 42 people who signed a petition of Jost COpe to appoint persons to review the road into Franconia Twp. that was laid out by a previous jury. Petition signatures included the names Gorg Grossman [him], Johannes Gross(man), John Georg Crossman, and Johannes Crossman.

    On 2 June 1745, "Johann Jürg Crossman and wife Barbara" sponsored teh baptism of Johan Jurg Kleppinger, son of Johan Jürg and Anna Margretha of North Wales Twp., then seven weeks old. [5]

    He appears on tax censuses of Franconia Township as follows: 1769 (George Kresman, 200 acres), 1799 (George Crissman, est'e, p.h'd), and prob. 1782 (George Cressman) [but, the last one could be his son].

    Labeled Sources

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