Heinrich Cressman (c1695-?1745) from Quirnbach
Maria Margaret (Cressman) Graeber, immigrant of 1750

"Johan Henrick Cressman"/"Johan Henry Creesman" arrived 21 Sep 1742 in Philadelphia, Pa, on the Francis & Elizabeth. [Strassburger, Ralph Beaver, "Pennsylvania German Pioneers, 1727-1775: Official List of Persons Arriving in the Port of Philadelphia", Vols. 1-3, William John Hinke, editor. Gen. Pub. Co. 1980]

Note: Burgert claims he was the one arriving 17 Nov 1741 on the Ship Europa. However, she must be mistaken, because that Henry Crissman/Christmann was age 35 at his arrival, and would thus have been only 13 years old at the time of the first children's birth record cited from Quirnbach. Also, the Palantine Immigrant claims that immigration record for the Henry Chrisman who died 1768 in Chestnut Hill, which seems more reasonable. Thus, the immigration record cited above seems the logical candidate for him.

In 1741, he registered his move with the Zweibrucken Manumissions Protocol: "Joh. Jacob Schreiner of Selchenbach, Frederich Meyer of Bedesbach, Gorg Ruth of Oberalben, Hans Adam Sontag of Pfeffelbach, Peter Burgay of Schellweiller, Heinrich Christman of Quirnbach, Peter Weber of same, Wilhelm Oswald all eigh move to America." [Burgert]

His sister placed the following ad in the Pennsylvanische Geschichts-Schrieber Newspaper, published in Germantown, Pa (now Philadelphia), on Oct 16, 1750: "Henrich Christman, linenweaver, from a place two hours from Traarback, "aus dem Claeninger Kirchspiel," arrived with his family eight or nine years ago. This year his sister, Maria Margaret, and her husband, Anthon Graeber, a smith, arrived in Conestoga, on Cocalico Creek (Lancaster Co.), where they are with Johann Nickel Zerrfasz, near the Ephrata Cloister, and they seek news from Heinrich." [Hocker & Burgert]

Note: The above ad might possibly be for the Heinrich who arrived in 1741 in Lydia and died 1768, but Burgert claims it for this Heinrich, and she is probably correct. Note that Heinrich had already died (maybe this is why they had trouble locating him?)

On March 16, 1745, in the same paper, a Heinrich Croszman is mentioned regarding the discontinuation of the building of a church in Saucon. (Could it be him?)

WILL: (I haven't viewed text yet): Filed 1749 in Philadelphia [Williams, Richard T. and Williams, Mildred C., "Index of Wills and Administration Records for Philadelphia, Pa." Vol. 1, (1682-1782). Danboro, Pa: 1971-2"]

Burgert, Vol. 2, pg 75, lists the following records for him:

KONKEN Reformed KB:
  Heinrich Christman of Quirnbach and wife Anna Margaretha had:
    1. Anna Margareta, bp. 20 Oct 1719
    2. Catharine Barbara, bp. 20 Feb 1722
    3. Elisabeth Catharina, bp. 27 Feb 1724
    4. Maria Appollonia, b. 25 Oct 1725
    5. Maria Elisabeth, b. 21 July 1730
  Heinrich Christman of Quirnbach and wife Anna Margaretha had:
    6. Joh. Nichel, b. 2 May 1736; died.
    7. Joh. Peter, b. 16 Mar 1738.
Zweybrucken Manumissions Protocol: Henrich Christman of Quirnbach moves to
HOCKER: Pensylvania Berichte, 16 Oct 1750 (above article involving Anton
    Graeber, etc).
FIRST REFORMED KB: Philadelphia Pa:
  John George Mitteberger and wife Anna Margaretha Christman had Susan Maria
    Salome, bp. 7 Sept. 1752.

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