Jacob and Magdalena (Hite) Chrisman

Born: c1701, near Worms, Rhineland-Palatine (Germany)
Died: between 8 Aug 1777 and 7 Oct 1777, Frederick Co., Virginia
Married: about 1728 to Magdalena Hite

Member of the first settlement west of the Blue Ridge mountains, led by Jost Hite in 1732. Settled in Opequon, six miles south of Winchester, Frederick Co., Virginia. Descendants may also be interested in the Hite Family Association.

Birth & Parentage of Jacob

To date, virtually nothing regarding Jacob's origins prior to 1732 has been proven. Many conflicting claims have been published, many of which are clearly erroneous. His parentage, date of birth, precise birthplace, date of immigration, etc., all remain unproven. However, there is good reason to believe that he may have been a son of the widow Elizabeth Christman who immigrated to the Hudson valley with two young children in 1710.

In 1709, several thousand German families fled their homeland for England. In 1710, several hundred of these families joined a work party sent to the New York Hudson valley. This group included Jacob Chrisman's future father-in-law, Jost Hite, along with many of the families who moved with Jost Hite to the Winchester, Virginia area in 1732, in the first settlement west of the blue ridge. Also enumerated in censuses of this group were two Christman families: the family of a Hans Christman, and of a widow Elizabeth Christman. We can conclude that Hans was not the father of the Jacob Chrisman who married Magdalena Hite (see Hans/John Chrisman, 1710 immigrant to NY), leaving Elizabeth as the remaining possibility. A census of the work party in 1710 showed Elizabeth to have two children born between 1700 and 1702, one of which may have been a young Jacob Chrisman.

If Jacob was indeed one of Elizabeth's children, he would have left German as a young lad, probably around seven or eight years of age, and arrived in New York under ten years of age. In all likelihood, he probably followed Jost Hite south to an area near Germantown and Philadelphia around 1720, marrying Jost Hite's daughter there around 1728, and moving in 1732 to Frederick Co., Virginia.

False and Unsubstantiated Claims

Numerous incorrect and unsubstantiated claims regarding the origins of Jacob Chrisman have been published and circulated. I will note some of these here. All have either been proven false, or are extremely unlikely. None have any basis in known records.

  • Several articles appearing near the end of the 19th century made the claim that Jacob immigrated from Bavaria or Swabia around 1730. For all practical purposes, these claims have been disproven.
  • There is no evidence that Jacob immigrated with brothers named Isaac and Abraham.
  • It is extremely unlikely that Jacob was a brother of Daniel Chrisman, immigrant of 1730, of Christoph Christmann, immigrant from Zweibrucken in 1736, of Heinrich Craseman/Crossman, immigrant of 1737, or of any other immigrant arriving to the US after 1730.
  • Evidence strongly suggests Jacob was not the son of Hans Peter Christmann and Anna Gertraud. The baptism of this couple's son Jacob Christmann is recorded in Dalsheim, b. Oct 1705, bp. 12 Sep 1706. However, evidence indicates that this son Jacob died 29 Apr 1790, age 84 years and 6 months, in Stone Arabia, New York.
  • A great grandson of Jacob and Magdalena (Hite) Chrisman, William Wayne Crismon, apparently wrote in a bible that Jacob was the son of a Col. William Christman. There is no other known confirmation of this claim. Could this have been the widow Elizabeth Christman's husband?
  • Magdalena (Hite) Chrisman

    Baptised: 13 Sept 1713, Kingston, Ulster Co., New York
    Died: between 2 Apr 1771 and (?) 8 Aug 1777, presumably Frederick Co., Virginia.

    Magdalena was the daughter of Hans Jost Hite (b. 5 Dec 1685 in Bonfield, Kraichgau, at the northern tip of Baden, d. 1761 Virginia) and Anna Maria Merkle (b. 16 Jan 1687 Bonfield, d. 1739 Virginia). In the spring of 1731, Jost Hite secured a grant of land and organized a group of 16 families to settle in the Shenandoah valley near present-day Winchester, Virginia. He is thus credited in U.S. history books as the first white to settle west of the blue ridge mountains. Origins of Jost Hite and his wife were identified in ["German Origins of Jost Hite, Virginia Pioneer", by Henry Z. Jones, Jr., Ralph Connor, and Klaus West, Edingburg, Va 1979].

    Misc. records

    Numerous land records involving Jacob Chrisman are found in Frederick Co., Virginia deed books. Some key records include:

    1745: Naturalization in Williamsburg, Virginia. It is stated that he was a native of Worms.

    2 Apr 1771: Jacob Chrisman and wife to William Goody. Last mention of Magdalena ("wife").

    27 May 1772: A will of John Chrisman in Augusta Co., Virginia, identifies the sons of Jacob as Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Isaac, and their mother as Mary.

    8 Aug 1777, recorded 7 Oct 1777: Jacob Chrisman to sons George Christman and Henry Christman, grant of property, slaves, ready money and personal estate. Filed in the book of land grants, but appears to effectively be a will. That Magdalena is not mentioned, and does not give up any rights of dower, also serves to bound her date of death. An indenture was filed between George and Henry Christman on 8 Oct 1778.

    Misc. trivia

    As of the 1992, Jacob Chrisman's house, built in 1753 (per cornerstone, or 1751 by some sources) still stands and appeared from the outside to be in quite good shape for a house that age. It is found about midway between Stephens City and Middletown and is occupied as a private residence.

    Chrisman's Spring was one of the places where early Methodist camp meetings were held. At one of these, Bishop Francis Asbury, "Prophet of the Long Road", stopped for a few hours on Aug 7, 1806, as he noted in his diary.

    At Chrismans Spring, Stonewall Jackson made his campsite on the evening of March 23, 1862, following the battle of Kernstown.

    Descendants (to 4 generations)

     1. Jacob Chrisman (b.c1700/7-Worms,R,P,Germany;d.Bef 6 Oct 1778-W,FC,Virginia)
    	sp: Magdalina Hite (c.13 Sep 1713-Kingston,UC,New York;m.Abt 1728)
       2. Jacob Chrisman Jr. (b.Abt 1728/1729-p,MC,Pennsylvania;d.28 Apr 1809-)
    	  sp: Magdalena  (b.1731;m.Bef 1757;d.4 Feb 1809-p,H,[West] Virginia)
    	 3. Magdalena Chrisman (b.Abt 1754)
    		sp: Thomas Littler
    		4. Abraham Chrisman
    		4. Isaac Littler
    		4. John Littler
    	 3. Sarah Chrisman (b.18 May 1757-NR,HC,[West] Virginia;d.30 Aug 1829)
    		sp: William Wallace Warden
    		4. John Warden (b.20 Aug 1774)
    		4. James Warden (b.22 Jan 1776)
    		4. William Warden (b.31 May 1778)
    		4. Magdalena Warden (b.8 Sep 1780)
    		4. Isaac Warden (b.30 Oct 1784)
    		4. Nimrod Warden (b.1 Mar 1786)
    		4. Jacob Warden (b.8 May 1788;d.14 Jan 1820)
    		   sp: Mary Leas
    		4. Benjamin Warden (b.29 Jul 1790)
    		   sp: Lucinda VanNort (m.1828)
    		4. Mary Warden (b.8 Aug 1793;d.25 Oct 1858)
    		   sp: Peter Graves Sperry (m.27 Feb 1812)
    		4. Sarah Warden (b.1 Mar 1796)
    		4. Scotta Warden (b.9 Oct 1800)
    		   sp: John Ramsey Hayden Dr.
    	 3. Mary Chrisman (b.Abt 1759)
    		sp: ?Amos Lewis
    	 3. Rebecca Chrisman (b.Jan 1760)
    		sp: William Rankin
    	 3. Elizabeth Chrisman (b.24 May 1762;d.10 May 1846)
    		sp: Anthony Miller
    	 3. Abraham Chrisman (b.1765;d.Abt 1810)
    		sp: Mary "Polly" Frye (m.1796)
    		4. Isaac Thomas Chrisman (b.11 Dec 1800;d.30 Mar 1860-p,JC,Kentucky)
    		   sp: Elizabeth Proctor (m.15 Jan 1822)
    		   sp: Celina Ann Minter (m.27 Apr 1825)
    		   sp: Mary Ann Stull (m.2 Jan 1853)
    		4. Abraham Chrisman (b.Abt 1807-,,Virginia;d.9 Sep 1870-H,,Kentucky)
    		4. Keziah Chrisman (b.Abt 1810-,,Virginia)
    	 3. Anna Chrisman (b.17 Apr 1767;d.28 Jul 1793)
    	 3. Jacob Chrisman (b.16 May 1769-,,[West] Vi;d.3 Sep 1845-,,[West] Vir)
    		sp: Nancy Kidner
    		4. Hugh Chrisman (b.24 Jul 1792-,HC,[West] Virginia;d.14 Aug 1868)
    		   sp: Eleanor 
    		4. Jonathan Chrisman (b.1794-Lost City,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia)
    		   sp: Matilda McWilliams (m.4 May 1822)
    		4. Leah Chrisman (b.1797-,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia;d.2 Oct 1859)
    		   sp: Jacob Gochenour (m.13 Apr 1817)
    		4. George Chrisman (b.1801-,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia)
    		   sp: Eleanor Baker
    		4. Benone Chrisman (b.1803-,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia)
    		4. Jacob A. Chrisman (b.28 Jan 1806-,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia)
    		   sp: Rebecca Miller (m.22 Dec 1834)
    		4. Rebecca Chrisman (b.1809-,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia)
    		   sp: Abraham Miller (m.22 Dec 1834)
    		4. Sarah Chrisman (b.1812-,Hardy Co.,[West] Virginia)
    		   sp: James Fitzwater
    	 3. Isaac Chrisman (b.21 Mar 1775;d.15 Mar 1819-,HC,[West] Virginia)           
    		sp: Leah Claypool (d.Aft 13 Apr 1819-possibly,H,[West] Virginia)
    		4. Isaac Chrisman (b.1810-,HC,[West] Virginia;d.Aft 14 Apr 1819)
    		   sp: Mary Catherine Branson
    		4. John Chrisman (d.Aft 13 Apr 1819)
    		4. Rebecca Chrisman (d.Aft 13 Apr 1819)
       2. Joseph Chrisman (d.1762)
    	  sp: Elizabeth Purtle (m.16 Feb 1752)
       2. Abraham Chrisman (b.15 Oct 1733-O,FC,Virginia;d.Oct 1798-,MC,Virginia)
    	  sp: Keziah  (b.1737-,AC,Virginia;m.1758;d.5 May 1814-,MC,Virginia)
    	 3. Rebecca Chrisman (b.Abt 1760-,Augusta Co.,Virginia;d.Aft Oct 1798)
    		sp: Stephen English (b.Abt 1758-of,Luisa,Virginia;m.1781)
    		4. Charles English (b.Abt 1782-Madison,,Kentucky)
    	 3. Joseph Chrisman (b.Abt 1761;d.Aft 1835-,Wayne Co.,Kentucky)
    		sp: Mary Gholson (m.26 Aug 1788)
    		4. Nathaniel Chrisman (b.7 Jul 1789-,Montgomery Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Lydia Bramblett (m.22 Sep 1814)
    		4. John Chrisman (b.Abt 1800-,Cumberland Co.,Kentucky)
    		4. James Gholson Chrisman (b.1 Dec 1802-,Christian Co.,Kentucky)
    		   sp: Clarrissa Ann Beldose
    		4. Jane Chrisman (b.Abt 1806-,Cumberland Co.,Kentucky)
    		   sp: Samuel Scifscell Cecil (b.Abt 1788)
    	 3. Elizabeth Chrisman (b.Abt 1765-,Augusta Co.,Virginia;d.Aft Oct 1798)
    		sp: Thomas Peary (m.31 Jan 1786)
    		4. Mary Sperry (b.Abt 1787-probably,Montgomery Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Samuel Covey Jr. (m.19 Nov 1804)
    	 3. Isaac Chrisman (b.11 Apr 1766-,M,Virginia;d.Bef Jun 1829-,,Kentucky)
    		sp: Sarah Gholson (b.Abt 1768;m.1788)
    		4. Elizabeth Chrisman (b.1 Oct 1788-,MC,Virginia;d.27 Aug 1867-)
    		   sp: John Dick (m.3 Mar 1806;d.Aft 28 Oct 1853-p,WC,Kentucky)
    		4. Harvey Chrisman (b.Abt 1791-,MC,Virginia;d.Aft 12 Mar 1828)
    		   sp: Sally Jane Baker (m.7 Jun 1821)
    		4. Cornelius "Nelly" Chrisman (b.10 Apr 1792-,,Virginia;d.8 Jun 1862)
    		   sp: Elizabeth Barrier (m.23 Oct 1812;d.9 Jan 1867)
    		4. Dorothy "Dolly" Chrisman (b.Abt 1794-,,Virginia;d.Aft 12 Mar 1828)
    		   sp: Samuel Martin
    		4. Charley Chrisman (b.Apr 1796-,Montgomery Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Peggy Francis (m.22 Mar 1821)
    		4. Susanna Chrisman (b.1798-,Montgomery Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Aaron Barrier (m.18 May 1820)
    		sp: Elizabeth E. Stephens (m.1807;d.Aft 12 Mar 1828)
    		4. Isaac Chrisman (b.Abt 1801-Kentucky;d.Aft 1850)
    		   sp: Pheobe Taul (b.1806/1807-Tennessee;d.Aft 1850)
    		4. Elijah English Chrisman (b.22 Dec 1803-,,Kentuc;d.Aft 12 Mar 1828)
    		   sp: Jane A. Varnon
    		4. Lucas Cary (Lewis) Chrisman (b.Abt 1805/1810-,,K;d.Aft 3 Oct 1828)
    		4. George Clinton Chrisman (b.10 Oct 1808-,W,Kentucky;d.16 Oct 1884-)
    		   sp: J or J Rogers (b.27 Feb 1814-,,;m.17 Oct 1833;d.28 May 1895)
    		4. William Stephens Chrisman (b.Abt 1810/1812-,Wayne Co.,Kentucky)
    		   sp: Elizabeth B. Richman
    		4. Mary Ann Chrisman (b.Abt 1812)
    		4. Julianna Chrisman (b.Abt 1814)
    		4. Nancy Chrisman (b.Abt 1816)
    		4. Abraham Chrisman (b.Abt 1818)
    	 3. Jonathan Chrisman (b.Abt 1767/1768-,B,Virginia;d.Jun 1818-,,Virgini)
    		sp: Jane Watterson (m.17 Jul 1796)
    		4. Abram Chrisman (b.1796-,Montgomery Co.,Virginia;d.1889)
    		   sp: Margaret Yearout (m.19 Nov 1821)
    		4. Elizabeth Betsy Chrisman (b.1802-,Montgomery Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: John Taylor (m.28 Jan 1818)
    		4. Nancy Chrisman (b.1804-,,Virginia)
    		   sp: William Robinson (m.1 Oct 1822)
    		4. Sally or Sarah Chrisman (b.1806-,Montgomery Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Bartholomew Ragan (m.12 May 1825)
    	 3. Phoebe Chrisman (b.Abt 1771-,Botetourt Co.,Virginia;d.Aft Oct 1798)
    		sp: Joseph Jett (m.12 Sep 1792)
    	 3. Mary Chrisman (b.Abt 1773-,Botetourt Co.,Virginia;d.Aft Oct 1798)
    		sp: Jacob Lewis (m.2 Dec 1794)
    	 3. Anna Nancy Chrisman (b.Abt 1776-,BC,Virginia;d.Aft Oct 1798)
    		sp: Thomas Bratton (m.24 Aug 1797)
    	 3. Robert Chrisman (b.Abt 1778-,Botetourt Co.,Virginia;d.Bef Oct 1798)
    	 3. Jacob Chrisman (d.1779/1798-probably,Frederick Co.,Virginia)
       2. Sarah Chrisman (b.23 Sep 1734-Opequon,Frederick Co.,Virginia)
    	  sp: Thomas Sperry (b.Abt 1734)
    	  sp: John Barley (b.Abt 1734)
       2. Ann Maria Chrisman (b.29 Sep 1735-Opequon,Frederick Co.,Virginia)
    	  sp: Peter Stephens Jr. (b.Abt 1735;m.1753;d.1812-,MC,Virginia)
    	 3. Jonathan Stephens
    	 3. Lawrence Stephens (b.Abt 1755;d.3 May 1847)
    	 3. Jacob Stephens (b.Abt 1756;d.7 Jan 1849)
    	 3. Isaac Stephens (b.Dec 1760;d.28 Jan 1833)
    	 3. Joseph Stephens (b.Abt 1763;d.7 May 1836)
    	 3. Keziah Stephens (b.1768)
    	 3. David Stephens (b.4 May 1770;d.27 May 1850)
       2. Isaac Chrisman (b.9 Nov 1736-O,,Virginia;d.Bef 28 Jan 1777-R,,Virginia)
    	  sp: Jane Scott (m.1761;d.1825)
    	 3. Isaac Chrisman Jr. (b.1763/1764-,,[West] Vi;d.Jan 1830-G,,Missouri)
    		sp: Judah "Judy" Wallen (m.Abt 1785)
    		4. Gilbert Oliver Chrisman (b.1793/1797-,LC,Virginia;d.Aft 1850-)
    		   sp: Francis 
    		4. Peggy Chrisman
    		   sp: James Helton
    		4. William Chrisman
    		4. Stephen Chrisman (b.1806-Kentucky)
    		   sp: Mahale Breeding (b.1813-Kentucky)
    		4. Isaac Chrisman (d.Aft 1819)
    		4. Jane Chrisman
    		4. Mory Chrisman
    		4. Aggy Chrisman
    		4. Talith Chrisman
    		   sp: Liddle Parks Bacon
    	 3. Rebecca Chrisman
    	 3. Gabriel E. Chrisman (b.7 Oct 1767-,,[West] Virg;d.1852-,AC,Missouri)
    		sp: Jane Cox (b.1771-,,Maryland;m.1788;d.Abt 1851)
    		4. John Chrisman (b.1789-,Lee Co.,Virginia)
    		4. Isaac Chrisman (b.4 Aug 1791-,Lee Co.,Virginia;d.Aft 2 Aug 1852-)
    		   sp: Sarah Jane Yeary (b.5 Sep 1794;m.1808)
    		4. Charles Chrisman (b.3 Sep 1793-,L,Virginia;d.Jan 1844-,J,Missouri)
    		   sp: Elizabeth Yeary
    		4. Joel D. Chrisman (b.7 Nov 1795-,LC,Virginia;d.1875-p,TD,Oregon)
    		   sp: Polly Sproul (m.22 Jul 1817;d.26 Mar 1852-,YC,Oregon)
    		4. Isabel Iyzea Chrisman (b.16 Dec 1797-,L,Virginia;d.Bef 2 Aug 1852)
    		   sp: Isaac Crabtree (m.Bef 2 Aug 1852;d.Bef 2 Aug 1852)
    		4. Gabriel Scott Chrisman (b.13 Jan 1799-,L,Virginia;d.Abt Jan 1848-)
    		   sp: Cynthia  (b.28 Jan 1797;d.1857-,Jackson Co.,Missouri)
    		4. Abraham Chrisman (b.22 Dec 1801-,LC,Virginia;d.1850-S,,California)
    		   sp: S Pennington (b.20 May 1808;m.6 Jan 1825;d.Abt 1845/1846)
    		   sp: Pheobe Flanary (b.Abt 1822;m.2 May 1847)
    		4. Walker Chrisman (b.2 Feb 1803-,,Virginia;d.1877-,YC,Oregon)
    		   sp: Ada 
    		   sp: Elmina 
    		4. Nimrod (twin) Chrisman (b.8 Feb 1805)
    		   sp: Rebecca Flanary
    		4. Jane (twin) Chrisman (b.8 Feb 1805-,Lee Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Poteet (m.Bef 2 Aug 1852)
    		4. Campbell E. Chrisman (b.15 Dec 1810-,LC,Virginia;d.26 Nov 1884-)
    		   sp: Phebe Flannery
    		   sp: Lucinda  (m.1 Jun 1854)
    		4. Elijah Flanary Chrisman (b.Abt 1812-,Lee Co.,Virginia)
    	 3. Abraham Chrisman (b.Abt 1770)
    	 3. Catherine Chrisman (b.1772)
    	 3. Nimrod Chrisman (b.Abt 1769;d.1862)
    		sp: Milly Marcum
    		4. Job Chrisman (b.5 May 1808-,Lee Co.,Virginia)
    		   sp: Elizabeth or Mary Harris
       2. Johannes Chrisman (b.9 Mar 1739-O,,Virginia;d.22 May 1772-,AC,Virginia)
    	  sp: Mary Hinton (d.Aft 1787-probably,Rockingham Co.,Virginia)
    	 3. Jacob Chrisman (b.15 Dec 1763)
    		sp: Barbara 
    		4. John Chrisman (b.10 Jan 1794;d.25 Oct 1846)
    		   sp: Catherine Warren (m.28 Apr 1814;d.10 Jan 1815)
    		   sp: Eleanor Ralston (m.23 Jan 1816;d.14 Sep 1860)
    	 3. Joseph Chrisman (b.1761/1762;d.Bef 1853-of,Crab Orchard,LC,Kentucky)            
    		4. John Chrisman (d.Aft 21 Nov 1826)
    		   sp: Sally Stone (m.27 Feb 1816)
    	 3. Abraham Chrisman (b.Aft 1751)
    	 3. Isaac Chrisman (b.Abt 1776-p,O,FC,Virginia;d.Aft 1850-o,S,,Virginia)
    		sp: Elizabeth  (b.Abt 1780-,,Maryland;d.Aft 1850-p,FC,Virginia)
    		4. Jane Chrisman
    		   sp: Joseph Chrisman (b.11 Nov 1797;m.4 Apr 1826;d.28 Aug 1874-)
       2. George Chrisman Cpt. (b.1745;d.27 Aug 1816)
    	  sp: Hannah McDowell (b.1744;m.1762;d.24 Jan 1817-,RC,Virginia)
    	 3. Joseph H. Chrisman (b.8 Jan 1766-,MC,Virginia;d.20 Jan 1828-,,Kentu)
    		sp: Jane Hopkins (d.Bef Mar 1835-,Jessamine Co.,Kentucky)
    		4. George Chrisman (d.Bef Feb 1826)
    		4. "Jenny" Jane Chrisman (d.Aft 22 Feb 1834)
    		   sp: Joseph Keller (m.Bef 8 Feb 1826;d.Aft Feb 1826)
    		4. Polly Chrisman (d.Aft 22 Feb 1834)
    		   sp: Samuel McDowell (m.Bef 8 Feb 1826;d.Aft Feb 1826)
    		4. Peggy Chrisman (d.Aft 22 Feb 1834)
    		   sp: James Hill (m.Bef Feb 1826;d.Aft Feb 1826)
    		4. Betsey Chrisman (d.Aft 22 Feb 1834)
    		   sp: Smith Bradshaw (m.Bef 8 Feb 1826;d.Aft Feb 1826)
    		4. Rebecca Chrisman (d.Aft 22 Feb 1834-Northeast,,Missouri)
    		   sp: James Porter (b.1789-,,Kentucky;m.11 Nov 1818;d.1866-)
    		4. Love Chrisman (d.Aft 22 Feb 1834)
    		   sp: William Hogan (m.Bef 8 Feb 1826;d.Aft 8 Feb 1826)
    		4. Nancy Chrisman (d.Aft Feb 1826)
    		   sp: John Bradshaw (m.Bef 8 Feb 1826;d.Aft 8 Feb 1826)
    		4. Hannah Chrisman (d.Bef 22 Feb 1834)
    		   sp: John G. McCampbell (m.Bef 8 Feb 1826;d.Aft Feb 1828)
    		4. Lewis Hopkins Chrisman (b.1813-N,JC,Kentucky;d.Aft 16 Dec 1834)
    		   sp: Hester Lyle (b.1811-,FC,Kentucky;m.1 Dec 1834;d.1871)
    	 3. Hugh Chrisman (b.15 Mar 1769-,M,Virginia;d.12 Jan 1849-,JC,Kentucky)
    		sp: Hannah McKinney (b.1765;m.12 Apr 1792;d.6 Mar 1835-,,Kentuc)
    		4. George Chrisman (b.7 May 1794;d.13 Sep 1873)
    		4. Hannah Chrisman (b.23 Jan 1796)
    		   sp: Venable
    		4. Henry Chrisman (b.1 Aug 1800-Jessamine Co.,Kentucky;d.15 Nov 1876)
    		   sp: Margaret A. Custer (b.20 Jul 1807-Virginia;d.22 May 1852)
    	 3. John "Jack" Chrisman (b.27 Aug 1773;d.1 May 1815)
    		sp: Ann Harrison (b.28 Jan 1777-,,Virginia;m.1796;d.25 Mar 1839)
    		4. Joseph Chrisman (b.11 Nov 1797;d.28 Aug 1874-,LC,Missouri)
    		   sp: Elizabeth Lincoln (b.Sep 1803;d.4 Jan 1824)
    		   sp: Jane Chrisman (m.4 Apr 1826)
    		4. George Harrison Chrisman (b.23 Sep 1799;d.15 Sep 1870)
    		   sp: Martha D Herring (b.2 Apr 1799;m.14 Mar 1822;d.19 Jan 1866)
    		4. Margaret M. Chrisman (b.16 Jan 1801;d.4 Nov 1854)
    		   sp: Charles C. Spears (b.7 Mar 1802-,;m.26 Oct 1825;d.10 Nov 1855)
    	 3. Charles Chrisman (b.30 May 1775-,MC,Virginia;d.28 Jul 1812)
    	 3. Margaret Chrisman (b.1777;d.1855)
    		sp: John Spears (b.1771;m.1793;d.1866)
    		4. Charles C. Spears (b.7 Mar 1802-of,Kentucky;d.10 Nov 1855)
    		   sp: Margaret M Chrisman (b.16 Jan 1801;m.26 Oct 1825;d.4 Nov 1854)
    	 3. Elizabeth Chrisman (b.25 Apr 1779-,MC,Virginia;d.16 Dec 1835)
       2. Henry Chrisman (b.1743-,FC,Virginia;d.1778/1781-,FC,Virginia)
    	  sp: Jane Earl Williams
       2. Rebecca Chrisman (b.1741/1746-,Frederick Co.,Virginia)
       2. Magdalena Chrisman
    	  sp: Isaac or William Goudy

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