Jacob Chrisman, the Moravian of N.C.

Born: 4 May 1720 Rothau (formerly Rotau), Steinthan, Alsace (now part of France)
Parents: Jacob (or Jaque) Chrisman and Odile Verly
Married (1): 1 Oct 1741 Lancaster, PA, Barbara Heckedorn (5 Apr 1718-bef 1760)
Married (2): 11 Dec 1758 Lancaster, PA, Barbara Kraemer
Died: 1784 Guilford Co., North Carolina

Although there were several early 18th century immigrants named Jacob Chrisman, this one is easily distinguished as "the Moravian" (his religion) or as the Jacob of North Carolina.

Since a record of his immigration has not been identified, his arrival in America is uncertain, but is likely around 1740. The known earliest record of him in the Americas is the (German) record of his marriage to his first wife at the First Reformed Church in Lancaster, Pa. He lived in York Co., Pa, until shortly after 1761, at which time he moved to Reedy Creek in Guilford Co., North Carolina. In North Carolina, he was a member of the Moravian sect, where he is often mentioned in their extensive diaries.

Some Descendants

     Jacob Chrisman (b.4 May 1720-Rodan,Steinthan,E,Germany;d.1784-,,North Carol)
      sp: Barbara Heckedorn (b.5 Apr 1718-,,Switzerl;m.1 Oct 1741;d.Bef 1760)
       Johannes Chrisman (b.3 Mar 1743-probably,York,,Pennsylvania;d.1853)
        sp: Rosina Schiffler (m.9 Apr 1767)
        sp: Mary Whitsel (m.1800)
       Johan Jacob Chrisman Rev. (b.2 Nov 1745-,,,Pennsylvan;d.1810-S,WC,Ohio)
        sp: Mary Onias (d.1851-,,Ohio)
         David Chrisman (b.1775)
          sp: Anna Margaret Fall (m.18 Mar 1812)
       Abraham Chrisman (b.17 Sep 1747-,York,,Pennsylvania;d.1755-,,Pennsylvania)
       Anna Maria Chrisman #1 (b.1 Feb 1749-p,,,Pennsylvania;d.1755-,,Pennsylvan)
       Catharina Chrisman (b.25 Nov 1751-p,York,,Pennsylvania;d.Aft 4 Jan 1780)
        sp: Johan George Stockburger (b.1731;m.1 Mar 1772;d.1803)
         Johannes Stockburger
         Johan Jacob Stockburger (d.1792-Salem,,North Carolina)
       Theodora Chrisman (b.4 Apr 1754-p,York,,Pennsylvania;d.1756-,,Pennsylvani)
       Daniel Chrisman (b.Abt 1756-p,Y,,Pennsylvania;d.Abt Sep 1818-,,North Caro)
        sp: Johanna Fischer (b.1757;m.17 Nov 1782;d.1829)
         Phillippina Chrisman (d.Aft 7 May 1822)
          sp: Somers (m.Bef 7 May 1722)
         Christina Chrisman (d.Aft 7 May 1822)
         Sabina Christman (d.Aft 7 May 1822)
         Anna Chrisman (d.Aft 7 Nov 1799)
          sp: Transou (m.Bef 7 May 1822)
         Johanna Chrisman (d.Aft 7 Nov 1799)
         Dorothea Chrisman
         John Daniel Christman (d.Abt Jun 1822-,Stokes Co.,North Carolina)
         Thomas Christman (d.Aft 7 May 1822)
         Jacob Christman (d.Aft 7 May 1822)
      sp: Barbara Kraemer (m.11 Dec 1758)
       Barbara Chrisman (b.15 Sep 1759-near,H,Y,Pennsylvania;d.1830-,,North Caro)
        sp: Johannes Ackerman (b.Apr 1759-Saxony;m.12 Jun 1787;d.3 Feb 1791-)
       Balhasar Chrisman (b.9 Dec 1760-,,,Pennsylvani;d.11 Jul 1797-,,North Caro)
        sp: Elisabeth Hartman (b.Abt 1763;m.20 Jun 1787;d.1848-,,North Carol)
         Benigns or Benigna Chrisman
          sp: Jacob Fetter (m.Bef 6 May 1846;d.Aft 6 May 1846)
            Rebecca Fetter (d.Aft 15 Dec 1836)
            Belinda Fetter (d.Aft 6 May 1846)
            Thomas Fetter
            Peter Fetter
            Augustus Fetter
         Jacob Christman
         James Christman (b.Aft 13 Jun 1797;d.Aft 6 May 1846)
          sp: Dorothy  (m.Bef 15 Dec 1836;d.Aft 6 May 1846)
            Abner Chrisman
            Arlis Chrisman
            Allen Chrisman
            Henry Chrisman
       John George Chrisman (d.Abt Mar 1811-,Stokes Co.,North Carolina)
        sp: Dinah  (d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
         Margaret Chrisman (d.Bef 12 Dec 1810)
          sp: UNKNOWN
            Mercy  (b.Bef 12 Dec 1810;d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
            Elizabeth  (b.Bef 12 Dec 1810;d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
         Charles Chrisman (d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
          sp: UNKNOWN
            George Chrisman (b.Bef 12 Dec 1810;d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
         Catherine Chrisman (d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
         Elizabeth Chrisman (d.Aft 12 Dec 1810)
       Abraham Chrisman #2 (b.Abt 1773/1774;d.Aft 1 Apr 1779)
        sp: Fordconc (m.1795)
       Joseph Chrisman (d.1825-,Surry Co.,North Carolina)
        sp: Elizabeth Coleman (d.Aft 7 Nov 1825)
         Jacob Chrisman (d.Aft 1850)
         Esther Chrisman (b.Abt 1775;d.Bef 1850-,White Co.,Tennessee)
          sp: Spencer Albert Holeman
            Sarah A. Holeman (b.Abt 1795-,,Virginia;d.Aft 1870-p,WC,Tennessee)
             sp: William Phelps Wisdom (m.2 Dec 1817;d.4 Jul 1842-,,Tennesse)
            Susannah Y. Holeman
       Heinrich Chrisman (b.1775;d.Bef Aug 1847-,Guilford Co.,North Carolina)
        sp: Elizabeth Trollinger (m.26 Jul 1798)
       David Chrisman (d.1851-,Guilford Co.,North Carolina)
        sp: Catherine Apple
       Elizabeth Chrisman (d.Aft 1 Apr 1779)
        sp: Adam Hart (b.1757-,,Pennsylvania;d.1847-Carlisle,Indiana)
       Rebecca Chrisman (d.Aft 1 Apr 1779)
        sp: Jacob Linebury (m.Abt 1779)
       Anna Maria Chrisman #2 (b.Aft 1758;d.Aft 1 Apr 1779)
        sp: Jacob Huffhines Jr. (b.15 May 1769-,,Penn;m.Bef 1793;d.Aug 1819-)
         Elizabeth Huffines (b.Abt 1793;d.21 Aug 1841)
          sp: William Amick (m.Abt 1817)
         Sarah Huffhines (b.Abt 5 Aug 1795-,,North Car;d.12 Sep 1864-V,,Indiana)
          sp: William Thomas (b.1 May 1792-,,No;m.24 Jan 1813;d.8 Jan 1873-)
         John Huffhines (b.18 Oct 1797;d.5 Jan 1858-,RC,North Carolina)
          sp: Sarah Brown (b.1799;m.12 Oct 1818;d.1877)
         Mary Huffines
         Catherine Huffines (b.1801/1802-,,North Carolina;d.Abt 1880/1882)
          sp: Robert Marshall (m.Oct 1820)
          sp: James Denney (b.1797;m.12 Jan 1841;d.1856)

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