Matthias2 Chrisman (1754-1834) and
Jacob2 Chrisman (22 May 1757-2 Apr 1835)

Matthias2 Chrisman Jacob2 Chrisman
1754, birthplace & parentage unsolved. Take note of a possible connection to Charles & Mathias Chrisman who arrived to Philadelphia on Brigantine Success on 25 Nov 1763. 22 May 1757, birthplace & parentage unsolved
22 Oct 1834, buried in Log Union Cemetery, Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky. 2 Apr 1835, buried in Log Union Cemetery, Flemingsburg, Fleming Co., Kentucky.
c.1785 to Elizabeth Gross (b. 1763 Md, d. 22 Mar 1852, bur. Log Union Cemetery, Flemingsburg, Ky), daughter of John and Hannah Gross. to Mary Overlay (27 July 1762 - 27 May 1841, bur. Log Union Cemetery)
Land Records
A deed of 1 June 1799, recorded 14 June 1799, found by Lonnie Chrisman at the state archives in Annapolis, records the sale of 32 acres for $50 from Matthias and Elizabeth Chrisman of Allegany County, Maryland to Jacob Fouty. [Book C, p. 95]. Matthias is identified as a farmer, and his wife Elizabeth relinquished her rights of dower. So far, this is the earliest record definately tied to either Matthias or Jacob. This land is located in the very narrow panhandle of Maryland, between Pennsylvania and [West] Virginia.

It is believed that Matthias's brother, Jacob Chrisman, lived nearby in [West] Virginia at this time. A Jacob Chrisman is found on the 1790 census in nearby Berkeley Co., [West] Virginia, in close proximity to other Chrismans (Jacob, Conrad, Adam, Phillip Jr., and Phillip Sr.), but it is has not been definitively established whether this was the subject of this article. The 1790 census of Allegeny Co., Maryland was lost, so a record of Matthias or Jacob, if they are living there in 1790, is unavailable. The other Chrisman's of Berkeley Co. soon migrated south to Buncombe Co., North Carolina and McMinn Co., Tennessee, and predominantly adopted the spelling Creasman. Also, living in very close proximity to Matthias Chrisman at this time is Paul1 Chrisman (1737/8-1805) of Hagerstown and Cumberland, Md. These remain interesting possible connections, but direct evidence for the connection has not been located. One speculation that has been posted is that their father was the above Phillip Chrisman Sr., b. c1715, who lived in nearby Hampshire Co., [West] Virginia~--- again, this remains only speculation since no direct evidence has been presented.

In 1802, Matthias and Elizabeth and apparently other close relatives pulled up their roots in Allegany County, Maryland and headed west to Fleming Co., Kentucky. Matthias and his brother Jacob settled on Peck's Ridge, not far from Flemingsburg.

In Feb 1802, Matthas acquired 203 acres on Fleming Creek in Kentucky from Simon Kenton, and on 5 Nov 1805 "Matthias Christman, formerly of Allegany County, Maryland" sells his land there to Thomas Karns. [Book D-444]. Then, in a deed on 13 Oct 1812, Jacob Gross and Elizabeth his wife, Levi Willison and Susannah his wife, and Matthias Crisman and Elizabeth Crisman his wife, sell several plots of land containnig a little over 106 acres in Allegany Co., Maryland to Jacob Fouty of that county. Jacob Gross and Susannah (Gross) Willison mentioned here were siblings of Elizabeth (Gross) Chrisman.

In 1814 Matthias obtaned a court order from the county allowing him to keep a tavern at his house for one year.
Matthias is found living in Fleming Co., Ky, in the 1820 and 1830 censuses.
In June 1823, Matthas purchased 32 acres on Three Mile Creek in Fleming Co. from Thomas Bradley.
Matthias and Elizabeth either sold or donated the land for the Log Union Church. He was also a trustee of the church.

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