Index to Pictures taken at
the Lyle Chrisman Memorial
23 Aug 2003

Because pictures can take a while to download, I have divided the photos into several pages listed below. Click on the link to go to that page.

I have also attempted to crop and compress the pictures in order to reduce files sizes. If you see one that you really want to make a print of, several of the originals (and some not here) are posted on ofoto (see below), where you can view them and order prints.

  • Page 1
    Earlier in the day, before the memorial started.
  • Page 2
    Almost everyone seated during memorial.
  • Page 3
    Lyle's Siblings.
  • Page 4
    Various Walter-side guests.
  • Page 5
    Mostly Chrisman-side guests and various friends.
    Also, a picture of the memorial display.
  • Page 6
    Burying the ashes and time capsule.
  • More on Ofoto

    Several of the original shots are posted at full resolution on Ofoto. Clicking here should take you there. If you are already a member, you'll be asked to log in. If you are not a member, you can register for free and view the photos. If you see any you like, you can order professional prints of only the ones you like from Ofoto at good prices (they may even provide a few prints free for joining, I'm not sure).

    There is also another album of pictures of what the old Chrisman farm looks like today, taken on 22 Aug 2003, along with some old pictures of Lyle and some of Lonnie & the girls on the trip home.

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