Pictures taken at
the Lyle Chrisman Memorial
23 Aug 2003

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Great Granddaughters, Brianna and Ashley, wheeling the time capsule to the grave site.

Sean Bell with the ashes. In background: Leroy Chrisman, Edie Bell, and Raymond Bell.

Lyle's ashes and time capsule in hole. The time capsule contains memorabilia, historical and genealogical information which future archeologists or historians may find interesting in a few hundred years. (Capsule contains nothing of monetary value)

Filling the hole. From left to right: Lonnie Chrisman (back of arm), Larry Limbeck, Merle Limbeck, Sean Bell, Ashley and Brianna Chrisman (with shovels), Carol Ganzer, Edie Bell, Raymond Bell, Gary Chrisman, Gayle Furlow-Cole, and Sam Cole.

Sean Bell, Brianna Chrisman, and Ashley Chrisman filling hole. In the background, L to R: Carol Ganzer, Edie Bell, Raymond Bell, Gary Chrisman, Leroy Chrisman and Ross Chrisman.

Lyle's three kids: Leon Chrisman, Garol Ganzer, Gayle Furlow-Cole.


Lonnie Chrisman