Jacob Christman of Lehigh Co., PA

About 1711 in Wurtenburg. Some descendants believe he came from the vicinity of Lampertheim, not far from Lorsh on the boundary between Hessen and Wurttemberg.
c1738 in PA to Eva Margaret (--)
1761 Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania, after an accidental fall onto a hayfork.
He arrived to Pennsylvania around 1736. Descendants have long believed that he was the Jacob Chrisman, age 25, who was on the Pricess Augusta, arriving to Philadelphia on 16 Sep 1736. However, recent discoveries by researcher Louise Chrisman have proven that a different Jacob Chrisman, Jacob "The Moravian", was aboard that voyage along with his mother, step-father, and several other family members. This opens two possibilities. First, previous researchers may have mistakenly assumed that the Jacob on the Pricess Augusta was him. A second possibility is that two Jacob Chrismans might have been aboard the Princess Augusta -- Jacob "the Moravian", at age 16 and being a minor might not have been listed on the manifest, and Jacob age 25, who could possibly have been the one who settled in Lehigh Co, PA. The second possibility, if true, would be suggestive of a close connection between the two Jacobs.
At the very least, despite earlier claims to this immigration record, the new information leaves some doubt as to whether this was really his immigration record.
Aug 4, 1761: Widow Eve Margaret Christman, widow; Melchoir Barr, Macungie, yeoman; Nicholas Stahler, Upper Milford, yeoman; Lewis Klots, Upper Milford, Esq. Inventory on July 21, 1761 by Nicholas Stahler & Nicholas Rodenburger. Settlement. May 26, 1764" in ["Abstracts of Wills and Administrations, Northampton Co., Pa" by Mrs. John B. Poore, George Taylor Chapter, N.S.D.A.R., 1941, No. 260]


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