Michael Christman (bp. 29 Sep 1726 - c1780)
of Berks Co., PA

Confirmed at Weltersbach (Steinwenden Reformed Church records) 1741.

He is no doubt one of the three Michael Chrisman immigrants of 1748 and 1749. Bergert equates him with the immigrant who arrived on Two Brothers on 15 Sep 1748, although I know of no evidence to prove he was that one, rather than the Michael who arrived one day later, or the Michael who arrived in Sep 1749.

On 3 June 1763, two land purchases in Berks Co., Pa are recorded for Michael Christman. The first is for 57.8 Acres, the second for 150.12 acres. ["Provincial Papers: Warrantees of Land in the Several Counties of the State of Pennsylvania 1730-1898", in Pennsylvania Archives, 3rd Series, 1897. Vol.XXVI]

4 Oct 1774: Adam Kutz of Maxatawny names "..my guardians, George Kutz and Michael Christman, to be Executors". Proved 13 Nov 1775 [Book 2, pg. 242], in [Abstracts of Berks Co. Wills, by Jacob Martin & John P. Smith, 1993, pg. 104].

18 Feb 1775: Jacob Bayer of Maxatawny named friend Michael Christman executor of his will. Proved May 10, 1780 [Book B:7], in [Martin & Smith, p. 135]

6 Sept 1778: De Long's Reformed Church, Berks Co., Pa. Michael Christman and Elizabeth are sponsors for Elizabeth Christman, dau. George & Anna Barbara.

Will: 8 Nov 1780 (I don't know if this is date or probate): [Abstracts of Berks Co., Pa, Wills, 1752-1785, by Jacob Martin & John P. Smith, Family Line Pub., 1993, p. 138]: "Michael Christman, Maxatawny, Nov 8, 1780. Adm. to Elisabeth, the widow, and Peter, eldest son."

From Berks Co. Pa orphans court: "Dated 16 Dec 1780: Petition of Peter Christman, eldest son of Michael Christman, late of Maxatawny, yeoman, deceased. Michael Christman died intestate, leaving a widow Elizabeth and 9 children: Peter, Dewald, Michael, Jonas, Catharine, Casper, John George, Mary and Catharine, of whom the last 4 are minors. He died seized of 200 acres in Maxatawny, and a tract of Warrant land in Rockland of 40 acres. Prays for division or valuation. So ordered."

Source: Bergert, Annette Kunselman, "Eighteenth Century Emigrants from German-Speaking lands to North America: Volume II: The Western Palantinate" Birsboro, Pa. The Pennsylvanian German Society. 1985. Pg. 75.

The following is from [Burgert, Vol. 2, p.75]:
Christman, Michael    Two Brothers, 1748
  European Records:
  Steinwenden Reformed KB:
     Jonas Christman, son of Peter Christman, m. 22 Feb 1718 Magdalena
     Margreth, daughter of Wilhelm Pfeiffer, Gemeinsmann at Welterspach.
     They had:
         Joh. Michel, bp. 29 Sep 1726; conf. 1741 at Weltersbach.
  American Records:
     Berks Co. Orphans Counrt, 11 Dec 1780 (see above).

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