Three immigrants named Michael Chrisman

In 1748 and 1749, three immigrants with the name Michael Chrisman are known to have arrived in Philadelphia. There is also evidence of three distinct settlers named Michael Chrisman, with appearances in records consistent with these arrival dates. However, because of the close proximity in arrival dates, the correspondence between immigrants and settlers remains uncertain.

The arrivals

There were two men with the name Michael Chrisman who arrived to Philadelphia in September 1748, the two arriving only one day apart.

  • "Michal (Michel) Christman" arrived on the ship "Two Brothers" on 15 Sep 1748. When given the opportunity to sign his name, indicating that he was probably not literate.
  • "Mich Crasman/Michel Christmann" arrived the next day on 16 Sep 1748 on the ship "Patience". He did sign his name, and it was stated that he was 18 years of age.
  • "Johan Michael Christman" arrived to Philadelphia the following year on 2 Sep 1749 in the ship "Lydia".
  • Three early Colonists named Michael Chrisman

    Michael Christman (bp. 29 Sep 1726-c1780) came from Steinwenden in Germany and settled in Berks County, Pennsylvania. Burgert equates him with the "Michal/Michel Christman" on "Patience", although I know of no evidence for reaching this conclusion. This Michael would have been about 20 years old when the immigrant on the "Patience" was recorded as being 18 years old.

    A Michael Christmann was in Philadelphia in 1757. ["Pennsylvania Births", 1644-1765, by John T. Humphrey, 1994, p.82] gives a record from St. Michael's Lutheran Church, Philadelphia, of the birth of Cathrina Christmann on 1 Aug 1757 to Michael and Anna Margretha. (The date may be of a birth or a baptism). [Thanks to researcher Carole Cook for this info]. It can be proven that this Michael is a different individual from the one who settled in Berks Co.

    A Michael Chrisman settled in Rowan Co., North Carolina, and was hung for suspicion of being a Tory during the Revolutionary War. Charles H. Crismon, in his book Charles Crismon, Western Pioneer, equates him with Michal of "Two Brothers". Charles H. Crismon also claims that his father may have arrived incognito about the same time.

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