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Chrisman, Illinois. Population 1,100, in Edgar County. The township was named in 1872 in honor of resident Mathias4 Chrisman (13 Dec 1815 Fleming Co., KY - 26 Oct 1896 Edgar Co., Illinois), who owned the land where the town was laid out. Settled in 1832 by Abraham Smith, the land was acquired by John3 Chrisman (1790-1870, Matthias2) in 1851, and inherited by his son Mathias4 in 1870. Originally organized as Ross Township in 1857, the town really got its start in 1872 when two railroad lines where built, intersecting at Chrisman and dividing Mathias Chrisman's 800 acres into four nearly equal quadrants (the Chrisman family had given 80 acres and right of way to the railroad). The township then quickly built up around the intersection. The Baltimore & Ohio ran from Danville to Paris, and the Indianapolis-Decatur line came soon after.

Chriesman, Burleson Co., Texas. Population 30 (est. as of 1993[src]). Named in 1885 after Horatio4 Chriesman (George3 Chrisman-John2- George1), who was one of the first surveyors of Texas, and settled in this vicinity. Formerly named Yellow Prairie.

William Chrisman High School, Independence, Missouri

Ira J. Chrisman Wind Gap Pumping Plant, Grapevine, California. Named after Ira J. Chrisman (1 Aug 1910 - 28 Dec 1988) of Visalia, Tulare Co., California, who served chairman of the California Water Commission from 1969-1976, and a member from 1960-1976. Ira J. Chrisman married Charlotte Bequette on 11 Apr 1940, and descends as Ira J. Chrisman - Ira Chrisman (b. 1864/5 CA) - Henry (b.1829/30 VA).

Chrisman Mountain, elev. 1,499 ft., in Estill Co., Kentucky, lat. 373723N, long. 0840613W. topo map. The 50th tallest named summit in Kentucky.

Chrisman Road, Tracy California

Cressman Road near Trappe, Pennsylvania

Cressman Village, former name of Tylersport, Pennslyvania.

Cressman Post Office, Fresno, California

Cressman Street, Kitchener, Ontario

Chrisman Road, Springfield, Missouri

Chrisman Ave, Cleveland, Mississippi

Chrisman Ditch, Canal in Madison Co., Ohio

Chrisman Mill Vineyards and Winery, on Chrisman Mill Road in Nicholasville, Kentucky.

Crissman School, McComb County, Michigan. The "Gold Book" reported in 1971 that 29 of the 31 pupils attending had the name Crissman.

Crissman School & Crissman Street, Utica, Michigan

Cressman Drive, the main entrance to the St. Albans U.S. Naval Hospital in New York City. Named in honor of Barry H. Cressman who died in the Battle of Seoul, 1952.

Christman's Windham House, Windham, New York. Established in 1805, the oldest continually operating Inn in the Catskill Mountains. Once the headquarters of the Catskill-Dehli stagecoach line. Today it operates as a resort.

The Christman Company, Lansing, Michigan. A large ($260M/yr) construction company in Lansing that has been in business since 1894. The company is involved in construction of schools, industrial plants and offices, public buildings, and historic preservation projects.

The Christman covered bridge, near Eaton Ohio, built 1895. The bridge is probably a namesake of a descendant of the Rev. Johan Jacob2 Chrisman (Jacob1), whose children settled in the Preble Co., Ohio area.

Chrisman Springs Home, near Winchester, Virginia. Completed in 1742 after about 10 years construction, it now (according to Bob Crismon's web page) holds the distinction of being the oldest continually inhabited home in the Shenandoah valley. George Washington's book, "My Journey over the mountain", reports that he stayed there. The home was originally built by Jacob1 Chrisman and family.

Crisman, Boulder Co., Colorado: Now a ghost town, Crisman was founded in 1874 when the Logan mine was started. The Logan mine was the richest in the county and supplied gold to the Denver mint.

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