Crest of Wilhelm Croesmann of Pfungstadt Crest of Wilhelm Croesmann of Pfungstadt

Chrisman Families

Devoted to genealogical research of the surnames
Chrisman, Crisman, Christman, Crissman, Crößsman, Cressman, Criestman, Chriesman, Creasman, and other related spellings.

If you or your ancestors used a spelling other than "Chrisman", please continue exploring this site anyway. I have simply used the standard spelling "Chrisman" for simplicity. When records are quoted within the site, the spelling found in the record is used.

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    with a discussion of the different spellings.

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    Information on the different Chrisman family lines that now populate the U.S.

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  • The Leon Dale Chrisman Memorial Page.

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