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Names that are italicized below are ancestors of Lonnie or Debbie (Rice) Chrisman. Names that are italicized and boldfaced are leaves on the pedigree for that surname (i.e., most distant known ancestor).

If you have a common ancestor, please send me e-mail at . If you have a similar Web page for any person appearing in this pedigree, I will gladly insert a hyperlink to your page under that individual. Note also that I have info on many other colateral lines, and on all American lines of the Chrisman name, in a larger database at home, so if you have a common ancestor, please do contact me.

I am, for the time being, sharing my otherwise private notes, which in many cases include sources.

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Surnames beginning with I

Ihyannough: (See also Hyanno)
Sachem of Wampanoag Ihyannough
Indian (ABT 1565-)
Ingart: (See also Ingaard)
Annetje Ingart (ABT 1686-) , Charles or Carel Ingart (ABT 1692-) , Christine Ingart (ABT 1690-) , John Ingart (ABT 1688-MAY 1749/1763) , Matthys Ingart (ABT 1694-) , Yellis or Gillis Ingart (ABT 1652-BEF 11 MAR 1708)
Laura Frances Iodence (12 OCT 1866-1953)
Joseph Ireland (1713-) , Margaret Ireland (1745-30 MAY 1822)
Isabel de : (See also Salisbury)
Ela Isabel de (1187-24 AUG 1261)
John Ivey (-AFT 1668)
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